About Ed


Topdown is about you, not me. But with thousands of coaches out there and even more theories on leadership, there needs to be something about my work and world that connects with yours. First, the numbers. I’m 57 years old and the father of two. That’s only important because it does equate to some life on the planet and, well, I’ve been through the challenges of raising kids which can be as hazardous as managing a multi-million dollar organization.

I am the founder and former CEO of The Redhead Companies, a marketing communications firm located in the Baltimore-Washington region. I led the company for 21 years and have both victories and scars to prove it. I was on the front lines during times of economic bliss and frightening uncertainty. Those years taught me more about leadership, building teams, developing growth strategies, navigating rough waters, defining organizational and individual brands, and understanding my own skills and limitations than any book or classroom could.

I have held leadership positions on boards and been active in mentoring programs. I am an occasional marathon runner and triathlete. My convertible is a red Mini Cooper with a Thule bike rack on the back. Call (410-458-2298) or email (ed.stern@leadtopdown.com) any time.