• Drive

    the revolution in leadership.

    "Top down" used to be about directives coming from the top and everyone below having to buy in. The world has changed. The new Topdown is embraced by leaders who believe in openness, connection, and shared vision. Sound soft? It could be the most courageous thing you ever do.

  • Culture

    is what makes companies great.

    Let me help you create a culture inside your organization that maximizes success on every level: personal, professional, financial, and coefficient of fun.

  • Live and lead

    without tinted windows.

    Good leaders don't feel the need to be right all the time. It's about feeling secure in who we are and what we're after. When we have the confidence to embrace debate and take the road less traveled - THAT'S when others want to follow.

What can a convertible teach you?
bridge2Turns out, pretty much everything. While most of the world is still caught up in the old-school form of top down leadership where the people at the top send to-do lists down the ranks, the good news is a revolution is afoot. More and more visionary leaders are creating the future for their companies by forming visions that are based on values and shared purpose. What they're finding is being open, connected, and not afraid to take new roads is not only impacting corporate culture, it's also making a huge difference in bottom-line metrics. Find out how this new perspective can transform your organization, your community, even your family. Send an email to info@leadtopdown.com or call 410.458.2298.


Topdown - Secrets to living and leading revealed from a convertible.In this easy-reading book, you will learn how the secrets to transforming your organization and living a fulfilled life are available to you just by adopting the Convertible Perspective. Order your copy and start driving today.