• You drive.

    I’ll help you change lanes.

    What could driving a convertible have to do with having what you want in your professional and personal life? A lot actually. Topdown is for people who want to wake up every day feeling like it’s Saturday and 78 bright degrees outside.

  • Culture

    is what makes companies great.

    Let me help you create a culture inside your organization that maximizes success on every level: personal, professional, financial, and coefficient of fun.

  • Live and lead

    without tinted windows.

    Good leaders don't feel the need to be right all the time. It's about feeling secure in who we are and what we're after. When we have the confidence to embrace debate and take the road less traveled - THAT'S when others want to follow.

Fill in the blank. What I really want is _______.
What is it you're after? Whether it's the push to CEO, a desire to maximize your skill set, learn new strategies, move to a new city, find the person who completes you, run a 100-miler, or just to squeeze every ounce of juice out of your day as you can – well – you get to have all of that. You do. Take your time to think about what it is you really want and then let's get going. I will be exactly who and what you need me to be. I will ask the tough questions and hold you accountable. I will push, pull, wrangle, challenge, and champion you. I will get you to the forks in the road, then you choose the turns. This is fun, it's also not easy.